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Technician Training – Towel Wrap Techniques for Handling Cats

Friday, June 7th, 2013

Each month our technicians gather for in-house, hands-on training.  They also discuss important current topics relating to our clinic.  Last month the topic involved learning new towel-wrapping techniques for cats.  The training introduced the newest, low stress towel wrapping techniques for handling even the most difficult patients in a calm and efficient manner (through an educational and instructional video by Dr. Sophia Yin, DVM).

After watching the video, the technicians practiced certain wraps on stuffed cats.

Tasha practicing on a stuffed cat

Tasha practicing a “scarf” wrap on a stuffed cat

These wraps can be used to calm upset kitties during procedures such as being pilled, administering injections, or drawing blood.  Towels provide warmth, comfort, and security to the cat in hopes of decreasing stress.  By using different wrapping techniques, our technicians can expose different body parts while protecting themselves from the teeth and claws of the cat. Our goal is always to keep everyone safe – including the patient, owner, technician, and veterinarian!

Linda practicing a “burrito” wrap on Herbie, our clinic cat

Next, the technicians moved on to live cats.  Our clinic cats Herbie and Jazz graciously volunteered!  Some wraps involved covering the cat’s head (to prevent bites and scratches from the front end) so that the veterinarian could work on the back end of the cat.

Other wraps (as Sue is demonstrating here) cover the entire body, leaving only the head exposed.



Image 1

Jazz was a very cooperative volunteer!

These techniques are only utilized with certain cats and the wrap will vary depending on the procedure being performed.  It is important that our technicians continue to learn and stay up to date with all animal handling practices.

Ultrasound Continuing Education

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

In February, Dr. Jennifer Hiebner attended an echocardiography seminar in Arlington, Texas.  The seminar took place at the Academy of Veterinary Imaging, hosted by Sound-Eklin ultrasounds.  There she learned techniques for ultrasound of the heart.  The methods for evaluating anatomy and taking measurements were explained.  She also reviewed the latest treatments for common cardiac problems.  The seminar touched on some views for color Doppler to further evaluate blood flow within the heart.  She plans to return to Texas in the future for further tutorials in Doppler and internal flow evaluation.

Dr. Hiebner attends Dentistry Seminar

Monday, February 21st, 2011

On January 30th, 2011, Dr. Jennifer Hiebner attended a continuing education seminar about dentistry in Omaha, NE.  The speaker was Dr. Barron P. Hall, a board certified veterinary dentist.  He discussed normal and abnormal tooth anatomy and positioning.  He also reviewed common dentistry tools and techniques for cleaning and extractions.  Dental radiography techniques and cases were discussed throughout the seminar.  Some cases Dr. Hall spoke about were dogs that needed root canals, surgical tooth extractions, feline tooth resorption (sort of like cavities that cause broken teeth), repairs of fractured jaws due to tooth decay and even braces for growing puppies.  He emphasized that anesthesia is very important to get not only a thorough cleaning but also the best exam and evaluation of the teeth, gums, and complete oral cavity.  For more information, visit the American Veterinary Dental College at

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